ppc.zone is elevating new perspectives and insights in the PPC industry

What is ppc.zone?

ppc.zone is a live online event for PPC practitioners, hosted by Jyll Saskin Gales.

The goal is to elevate new perspectives and insights in the industry, by providing a platform for everyone to advance their skills. Everyone can apply to be a speaker, and anyone can tune in to the free live stream on YouTube and LinkedIn.

How does it work?

PPC practitioners from around the world are invited to the 45-minute ppc.zone live stream. Our next event is coming in July 2024.

During ppc.zone, 3 speakers will each share a 7-minute presentation about a trend, tactic, observation, tip - something new and valuable for PPCers! Then, the speakers gather in a panel discussion to answer questions from the moderator & the global live audience.

The events are scheduled for different days & times to accommodate various time zones. Recordings will always be made available afterwards on YouTube and the major podcast apps.

Why should you attend?

As an audience member, it's an opportunity to keep your skills sharp, get inspired, ask questions of industry experts and network within the industry.

As a speaker, it's an opportunity to hone your speaking skills, build your resume, access mentorship & feedback and network within the industry.

I want to speak at ppc.zone!

We'd love to have you! Everyone is encouraged to apply using our short intake form. 

Each ppc.zone is curated to accommodate diverse time zones, specialities, experience, perspectives, etc.

Listen to the ppc.zone podcast on the go!